Oct. 11, 2022

ЕП071 Микромобилност — дискусия със Cyrcl

ЕП071 Микромобилност — дискусия със Cyrcl

Няколко месеца след като на гости ни беше Енрико Маринов - един от съоснователите на Cyrcl, на гости в ЕП071 са Асен и Симона от Cyrcl. Темата на разговор е микромобилността — що е то и как можем да го развием.

Ако искате да ни подкрепите, може да споделите подкаста с приятел или да ни оставите ревю в тук!

Запиши се за нашия месечен бюлетин!






Simona YonchevaProfile Photo

Simona Yoncheva

Chief Communications Officer

My educational background is in Literature (English), Psychotherapy and Anthropology. I completed my Bachelors in the UK and returned to Sofia in 2017 to teach English to school aged children and Business English to professionals in the local Tech industry. I met the cofounders of Cyrcl shortly after returning home, and we joined the Founder Institute program together in 2020. We founded Cyrcl in 2021 after more than 2 years of dreaming and researching, and have been working full time for the start up ever since. My responsibilities as CCO include formal and informal communication with current clients (customer support and retention), potential B2B clients, as well as partners, sponsors, and participation in public social events of interest to Cyrcl. In the long term we would like to influence local urban culture to become more physically active, environmentally friendly, and sustainable over time. This is a slow and occasionally painful process that requires time and energy to be invested consistently and constantly by everyone involved in the startup.

Asen Yankov

Chief Tech Officer

Background in IT and banking, currently the CTO of Cyrcl. In charge of technical maintenance, as well as communications with our software partners.